PLAUD Note AI Voice Recorder

The PLAUD Note AI Transcriber is a compact voice recorder that transcribes and summarizes your meetings and memos with cutting-edge AI technology.


PLAUD NOTE is a groundbreaking product from PLAUD.AI, a company founded in 2023 with a mission to connect AI with real life. The company specializes in developing AI devices and AI agents to serve as business partners, enhancing productivity and creativity for individuals and businesses alike. The PLAUD NOTE, their flagship product, has quickly gained popularity and achieved over $10M in sales, thanks to its innovative design and powerful features.

plaud note ai transcriber in business

What It Does

The PLAUD NOTE AI Transcriber is a credit card-sized voice recorder that leverages AI to transcribe and summarize audio recordings. It's designed to capture high-quality recordings of meetings, phone calls, and voice memos, making it an indispensable tool for professionals on the go.

plaud note ai transcriber in meeting

Unique Features

  Compact Design: Fits easily into a wallet, making it highly portable.

  AI-Powered: Utilizes OpenAI's Whisper for accurate voice-to-text transcription in 57 languages and ChatGPT for summarizing content.

  Dual-Mode Recording: Seamlessly switches between meeting and phone call modes to capture every detail.

  Long Battery Life: Offers up to 30 hours of continuous recording with a standby time of 60 days.

  Generous Storage: Comes with 64GB of storage, enough for extensive recording needs.

plaud note ai transcriber on laptop



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