Timekettle WT2 Edge W3 Translator Device

The Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 is a revolutionary translator device that use AI to offer real-time, bi-directional translation across 40 languages and 93 accents, designed for seamless communication in any setting.


Timekettle is a forward-thinking company dedicated to breaking down language barriers through innovative technology, which creates the WT2 Edge/W3 Translator Earbuds. The company has attracted attention and funding, raising nearly $1.2 million and gaining over 7300 retail investors on Indiegogo for its WT2 Edge earbuds.

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Version History

The WT2 Edge/W3 is the latest in a series of translator devices by Timekettle. It follows previous models like the WT2 Plus and M2, offering improvements in speed, size, and functionality. The WT2 Plus provided one-way simultaneous translation, while the WT2 Edge introduced nearly simultaneous bi-directional translation, enhancing communication fluidity.


What It Does

The WT2 Edge/W3 Translator Device is a set of earbuds that employs advanced speech processing and AI translation technology to provide real-time, bidirectional simultaneous translation for up to 40 languages.Its real-time,and two-way translation use wifi or cellular networks. It allows users to speak without interruptions, with translations delivered to the listener's ear in as little as 0.5 seconds.

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Unique Features

  Simultaneous Translation: Supports bilingual conversation translation for up to 6 people.

  Language Coverage: Offers 95% accuracy in 40 languages and 93 accents, making it a versatile tool for global communication.

  Speed: Translates in real-time with a speed of 0.5 to 3 seconds, ideal for business meetings and negotiations.

  Design: Compact and portable, these earbuds are designed for ease of use and comfort during extended wear.

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