Best ChatGpt Apps 2024

As ChatGPT evolves, more third-party apps are integrating it in their apps, providing users diverse options to experience the next-generation AI software. ChatGPT has taken the world since its release in November 2022. Its advanced natural language capabilities have already transformed how people search for information and generate content online. With so many ChatGPT apps out there, we are here to help you out with the editor's choice.

Best Free ChatGPT App


Bing Chat

Microsoft's Bing search engine integrated ChatGPT capabilities in early 2023, providing free access to ChatGPT 4 for many users (although many countries from Asia such as China are not available to use). Bing Chat allows natural language queries and provides concise answers powered by its vast web knowledge graph. Bing Chat is now a popular free option to experience the AI’s capabilities.


Top ChatGPT App for Android

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT Apps

The official ChatGPT app provides full access to OpenAI's conversational model in a native Android app. Users benefit from syncing chat history across devices. The app brings advanced natural language capabilities to Android, the best messaging apps ever.

2. Frank AI

Frank AI

Frank AI offers an ad-free  chat app powered by GPT-4 and speech technology. It provides accurate real-time answers to questions without tracking users. It is a popular alternative to conversational AI.


3. Wizdom AI

Wizdom AI

As mentioned in their official website, Wizdom AI  continuously monitors billions of data points about the global research ecosystem to provide actionable insights for your decision making. They are more like a search engine but for academic purposes.


Best ChatGPT iOS App

1. ChatGPT

The OpenAI also provides a native IOS app to iphone users. Users benefit from syncing chat history across different devices. It’s the best IOS messaging apps in I ever.

2. Elephas


Elephas enables iPhone users to seamlessly chat with expert minds about engaging topics using its Super Chat feature. By integrating GPT-4, its AI writing assistant is great for content generation and error correction. It supports Mac, iPhone, and iPad, making it easy to sync between devices.

3. ChatSonic



ChatSonic  is a conversational AI content generator that usereal-time data from Google search to create up-to-date content. It is built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3/4 and ChatGPT models, making it a powerful tool for generating various types of content, including social media posts, SEO blog posts, landing pages, and more. Unlike native ChatGPT, Chatsonic has the ability to query Google in real-time, providing updated content on newer topics and recent news.

Chatsonic has several advantages over ChatGPT, including integration with Google search for real-time data, and the ability to recall previous conversations. However, Chatsonic may not be ideal for generating code or formatted content. The pricing for Chatsonic starts at $12.67/month for the long-form plan and offers a free trial with limited word generation per month.

4. Aico AI Chat

Aico AI Chat is powered by GPT-3. It has a simple design. Aico AI understands users' queries and suggests related topics to explore further. Aico AI can understand the queries to provide relevant information, as well as suggest related topics. Now they are available on Web, Android and iOS.


ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has been integrated into various third-party apps, providing users with a range of options to experience its capabilities. The ChaGPT apps we’ve mentioned above are the best  in the market so let’s start to experience AI and have fun.