LYO One GenAI TWS earbuds

LYO GenAI earbuds, the LYO One - a revolutionary TWS earbud integrating generative AI for real-time translation, immersive sound, and smart coaching without necessarily needing a paired smartphone.


The LYO GenAI earbuds, also known as LYO One, are part of a new wave of products that blend generative AI with everyday gadgets. The idea is to create a device that's not just smart but also practical and easy to use. The LYO One earbuds are set to hit the market this winter, with the hope of succeeding where other AI-integrated devices have fallen short.

iyo smart tws AI earbuds in the box

 Product Historical Versions

While the Iyo One earbuds are the first of their kind from the company, they build on the success of previous audio devices. The company has a history of creating high-quality audio products, which they're leveraging to ensure the Iyo One isn't just another tech gimmick.



These earbuds are more than just a pair of wireless headphones. They come packed with features like noise cancellation, conversation enhancement, workout guidance, real-time language translation, and immersive audio experiences. They're designed to be helpful in a variety of everyday situations, whether you're at the gym or in a noisy cafe.

iyo smart tws AI earbuds on the box

Unique Features

What sets the Iyo One apart is its integration of generative AI, which allows for a range of conversational applications and interactions. This means the earbuds can do things like translate languages on the fly and provide workout coaching, all without needing a phone nearby.


Company Introduction

LYO, the company behind the GenAI earbuds, started within Google's Alphabet X "moonshot factory" and was spun off as its own entity in 2021. They're backed by Google and aim to push the boundaries of what's possible with wearable AI technology.

The product (LYO One GenAI TWS earbuds) starts at 599.29 USD.