Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

AI-powered Meta glasses enable you to take hands-free photos or videos with quality content, voice control, audio playback and intuitive design.

Meta's smart glasses developed in collaboration with Ray-Ban, offer a range of "smart" features. To use the smart features, first you should have the Meta View app. Then you can navigate to  the Meta AI section, and enable all the features.

The glasses enable you to take hands-free photos or videos of any moment so that the only thing you can do is to enjoy the moment.

Thanks to the automatic light adjustment and stereoscopic photo depth, the glasses can generate hight quality content. Besides, You can control music playback, take photos, or record videos effortlessly with the touchpad and capture button.

As to the design,  they have open-ear speakers and three microphones to ensure clear sound for calls and recordings.

What’s more, it has integrated the latest Meta AI to enhance the glasses' capability to  respond to voice commands, play media from connected phones, or provide answers to queries, making it a sophisticated wearable device to have.