Movano Evie Ring

The Evie Ring is a stylish AI-powered wearable for women that offers on-demand health metrics that are personalized and reliable.


The Evie Ring is a cutting-edge wearable designed for women's health, developed by Movano Health. It provides trusted and personalized health solutions that empower women to take control of their health journey.

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Initially released in 2023, the Evie Ring has been available in various finishes like silver, gold, and rose gold, and in multiple sizes to accommodate different preferences. The product has evolved to include advanced features while maintaining its core design principles.

What It Does

The Evie Ring is a smart ring that monitors vital health metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleep quality. It also provides menstrual cycle tracking, offering a comprehensive view of a woman's health

Unique Features

  Durable Liquidmetal®: A strong and flexible material that adapts to daily body changes.

  Biometric Sensors: For monitoring sleep, activity, temperature trends, and more.

  Award-Winning Open Design: Accommodates natural changes in finger size.

Company Info.

Movano Health, founded in 2018, is a pioneer in developing medical-grade devices that capture vital health and wellness data. Their mission is to make health data more accessible and actionable, empowering consumers to live healthier lives.



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The product (Movano Evie Ring) starts at 269 USD.