Nest Cam

The AI-powered security camera can detect motion and sound and alert you through your smartphone.

The Nest Cam is a smart security camera that uses AI and can tell whether or when there's movement or noise and alert you on your phone. It helps you feel safe because you can watch over your house from anywhere and get updates right away.

Nest Cam put everywhere

nest cam app

Here's what it does:

  Video Quality: You can watch live video from the camera all day and night in high quality.

  Resolution: You can share clear video clips with others.

  Night Vision: It can see well in the dark using special lights.

  Alerts: It tells you on your phone if it notices anything.

  Snapshot History: It keeps pictures for three hours so you don't miss anything.

  Security: It's very secure and you can add extra protection.

  Nest Aware Trial: You get to try a special service for free for 30 days that records videos for 10 days, gives smarter alerts, and watches certain areas. After that, it costs $6 a month.

  Audio: You can talk to people through the camera using an app.

  Setup: It's easy to put up and start using with help from an app.

  Warranty: It comes with a promise to fix or replace it for two years if needed.