Solos AirGo 3 Smart Glasses

Solos AirGo 3 Smart Glasses are a translation device as well as an eyewear with ChatGPT integrated.


Solos is a product of Kopin Corporation, which has been at the forefront of wearable technology innovation. With a team of MIT engineers, Solos has developed the AirGo 3 Smart Glasses, integrating advanced features with the comfort and style of traditional eyewear. The AirGo 3, recognized as a CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree, represents the latest generation in Solos' product line, offering a blend of fashion, sports, and everyday wear through its Smart Hinge™ technology.


What Solos AirGo 3 Does

The Solos AirGo 3 Smart Glasses are designed to be the future of eyewear, seamlessly connecting users with ChatGPT and translation capabilities. They provide crystal-clear audio through Whisper™ messaging and keep users up-to-date with important notifications, all while maintaining the look and feel of regular glasses.


Unique Features

  ChatGPT Integration: One of the first consumer glasses to feature ChatGPT integration, allowing for conversational AI experiences.

  Translation Capabilities: Real-time language translation with the SolosTranslate platform, breaking down language barriers.

  Modular Design: Interchangeable front frame styles for customization and versatility.

  Superior Audio: Award-winning spatial audio for situational awareness and Whisper™ Audio Technology for clear communication.

  Extended Battery Life: Up to 10 hours of music streaming or 7 hours of phone call time.

  Water Resistance: Splash-proof with an IP67 rating, suitable for outdoor activities.

  Touch Sensor: Volume control with a simple slide up or down on the touch sensor.



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The product (Solos AirGo 3 Smart Glasses) starts at 249 USD.