44 Best AI Apps: Top Generative AI Tools 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) , especially generative AI, is transforming how we work and live. Here are some of the best AI tools and apps across different categories to watch in 2024 .

I. AI Writing Generators

AI writing assistants can help generate content quickly and improve our efficiency of writing. Top options include:

Writery AI

Writery AI - A new AI writing tool,focusing on marketing copy (especially SEO purposes),still in development that helps overcome writer's block and refine writing. It can expand ideas, write a blog outline introduction  headline,rewrite or expand  sentences, paraphrase or summarize a passage. Besides,it ’s Google SEO first.Everything it designs is for the SEO purpose. It provides the following small SEO tools: keyword density checker, keyword intent, tiktok caption generator, linkedin headline generator, and Facebook caption generator etc.

Jasper - It uses advanced AI to help write emails, social media posts, blog posts, and more based on short prompts.

Copy.ai - An AI writing assistant focused on marketing copy like ads, product descriptions, and website content. It aims to create engaging, SEO-friendly copy.


II. AI Image Generators

AI image generators generate unique images and artwork from prompts (text descriptions). Popular options are:

Dall-E 3

DALL-E 2 / DALL-E 3  - Developed by OpenAI, it generates realistic images and art from text prompts using AI. Users can customize size, style, and other attributes.

Midjourney - Uses AI to create abstract, stylized images from text prompts. It has a Discord community of users who share and collaborate on AI art.

Stable Diffusion - An open-source AI system that generates images from text descriptions. It provides control over image properties during generation.


III. AI  Video Generators

AI video tools automate the creation and editing of video content. Top picks include:

synthesia - AI video generator

Synthesia - Generate realistic-looking videos of digital avatars from text scripts. It automates lip syncing and expressions.

Runway - Create AI-generated photos, videos, audio, and 3D content through text prompts and customization.

Veed.io - An online video editor with AI features like audio transcription, color correction, and content aware editing to streamline video creation.


IV. AI  Audio Generators

AI audio generators automate audio editing tasks or generate realistic voices and audio.

Top options are:

descript-AI audio generator - Descript - Transcribe, edit, and mix audio by analyzing waveforms instead of requiring manual waveform editing.

Murf.ai - Convert text to ultra-realistic human-like voices using AI, with options to customize like pitch and speed.

Voicemod - Alter voices during calls or gameplay using AI voice changer technology with various voice options.


V. AI Virtual Assistants

AI virtual assistants use NLP to understand commands and complete tasks through conversational interfaces. Leading picks are:

Alexa - AI virtual assistant

Alexa - Amazon's intelligent voice assistant that can answer questions, play music, set reminders, control smart devices, and more.

Siri - Apple's voice assistant for iOS devices that can send messages, place calls, launch apps, lookup information, and handle other daily tasks.

Google Assistant - Google's AI assistant available across devices that helps with everyday tasks like getting road directions, controlling smart home devices, and more.


VI. AI Tools for Business

AI business tools use AI to help improve workflows, increase efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. Top options are:

Ada - AI tools for business

Ada - An AI customer service platform that helps businesses respond to customer inquiries with chatbots and human agents.

SAP Conversational AI - Builds chatbots and virtual assistants for customer service, marketing, and sales use cases.

Kore.ai - Provides an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform for customer experience automation.

ActiveCampaign - Leverages AI for marketing automation features like predictive lead scoring.

Drift - A conversational marketing platform using AI chatbots to qualify leads and book meetings.

HubSpot - CRM platform that applies AI for lead segmentation, predictive lead scoring, and chatbots.


VII. AI Tools for Marketing

AI marketing tools use techniques like NLP and machine learning to optimize campaigns. Leading solutions include:

Writery AI for SEO

SEMrush - Digital marketing platform with AI site audits, content optimization, and competitive analysis.

Writery AI - An AI SEO tool, focusing on SEO, helps writers expand ideas, write a blog outline / introduction / headline, rewrite or expand sentences, paraphrase or summarize a passage.It also has useful functions like: keyword density checker, keyword intent, tiktok caption generator, linkedin headline generator, and Facebook caption generator etc

Sprout Social - Social media management platform with AI-powered social listening, sentiment analysis, and recommendations.

Hootsuite - Social media management with AI conversation monitoring, auto audience analysis, and ad testing.

Persado - AI platform that generates emotionally intelligent marketing copy and creative.

Synthesia - Discussed earlier; creates AI-generated marketing videos from text scripts.

Phrasee - Uses AI to generate marketing email subject lines optimized for open rates.


VIII. AI Tools for Sales

AI sales tools automate outreach, analyze interactions, and improve productivity using AI.

Top options:


Gong.io - Analyze sales calls with AI for pattern detection, revenue predictions, recommendations, and more.

Chorus.ai - Use AI to analyze sales calls, emails, and meetings. Provide insights and coaching.

People.ai - AI sales solution that captures customer interaction data across sources to generate insights.


IX. AI Tools for IT

AI IT tools help engineers code faster, test software, and debug issues by applying AI techniques. Leading solutions are:

Github Copilot - AI tools for IT

GitHub Copilot - suggest code in real-time as developers type, powered by OpenAI Codex.

Functionize - AI-based testing platform to automate web, mobile, and API testing.

Applitools - Leverage AI computer vision for visual testing and monitoring across devices.

Diffblue - Automates code testing for Java and C# applications using AI test generation.

TabNine - AI code completion tool that suggests relevant code snippets to speed up coding.

Copysmith - Uses GPT-3 to generate marketing copy, emails, web content, and more for startups.


 X. AI Tools for IT Ops

AI IT operations tools apply AI to spot anomalies, automate responses, and streamline IT workflows. Top picks are:

Moogsoft - AI tools for IT - Moogsoft - Detect and correlate IT anomalies and alert fatigue.

BigPanda - Automate event correlation, notifications, and IT incident management with AI.

Splunk - Analyze machine data with AI to provide monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting.


XI. AI Tools for Personal Use

AI personal assistants automate tasks and provide support for mental health and wellness.

Top options are:

Replika - AI tools for personal assistant

Replika - AI companion chatbot that provides emotional support and wellness tracking.

Woebot - Chatbot that uses NLP and CBT techniques to support mental health.

Youper - Act as an AI therapist and wellness assistant offering personalized support and coaching.


XII. AI Meeting Tools

AI meeting tools produce transcripts and AI meeting notes for both audio and video meetings.

Leading picks are:

Otter.ai - AI meeting tools

Otter.ai - Generate AI meeting notes and transcripts synced to recordings with speaker identification.

Fireflies - Record meetings and leverages AI to transcribe, tag speakers, and highlight key moments.



Artificial intelligence ( AI )  is unlocking new possibilities across many domains. As the accuracy and capabilities of AI improve, more AI applications that could change the world will likely emerge. These generative AI tools have the potential to augment human capabilities, automate manual work, and help individuals and businesses use data more effectively.To know more about generative AI,  you could also check: what is generative AI:its History, Examples, and Limitations.