7 Best Free AI Content Writing Tools 2024

AI writing generators help create content easily and efficiently. Most of the AI writing assistants online offer limited but capable free plans. To help you find the one that best suits you. We’ll cover the top 7 options here.Google Bard: Robust Technology

ChatGPT: Most Popular Options


Among the most popular AI content writing tools is ChatGPT. Developed by OpenAI and backed by deep learning, it can instantly generate paragraphs and essays on topics. Despite some usage limits, it’s a powerful free alternative for writing drafts.


Google Bard: Robust Technology

Google Bard ChatBot

Google Bard, an AI chatbot, uses their robust LaMDA language model. Early previews suggest Bard can produce great writing content with accuracy, similar to ChatGPT. Its arrival creates an exciting new free choice for AI writing.


Writery AI:  For SEO Only

Writery AI

Although it is free , Writery AI stands out as one of the best content writing tools for seo.

It provides a free version for users, which is useful for most SEO writers. It has various writing tools such as Article Outline Writer, Article Outline Expander, Rewriter, Paraphraser,Summarizer,Small SEO Tools,Keyword Density Checker,Keyword Intent Tool,etc. Besides, it is also a media content generator, offering Tiktok Caption Generator,Linkedin Headline Generator,Facebook Caption Generator and so on.

While limited usage for free users, it is worth a try.


Jasper:  Wrapped with GPT but easy use


Although limited in features and output, Jasper’s free tier can help a lot in blogs and social posts. While constraints exist, its specialized interface and great guide make it easy for conent writers to craft content.


Rytr: Entry-Level GPT-3 Access

Rytr AI

Rytr uses GPT-3 model to fuel free text generation. As we can see the playground image above, Rytr is based on a rich editor with which you could rephrase, expand ,shorten, or plagiarism any text you like.

It’s limited at around 2,500 words monthly. Alongside basics like plagiarism checking, its starter-level access helps explore AI writing. Upgrade options can unlock higher volumes as well as functions.


Sudowrite: empowering fiction authors


Sudowrite focuses on empowering fiction authors on plotting, characters, descriptive details and more. Although best for draft material, its free version is also very helpful to creative writers of all levels.


Built-In AI Tools: Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Mainstream productivity suites like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 now integrate basic AI writing functionality at no added cost. While capabilities are limited, they provide auto-suggestions and grammar/style help, which is very useful to users.


For intense content needs or maximum creative control, paid upgrades of these and other tools unlock more powers. But their free versions grant capable AI-powered writing assistance without the burden of costs.