Beatbot AquaSense Pro Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The AquaSense Pro is a cordless AI-powered robotic vacuum that offers intelligent path optimization and comprehensive cleaning for pristine pool maintenance.


The AquaSense Pro is a product of Beatbot, a company renowned for its innovative approach to pool maintenance technology. With a series of patents and award-winning designs, Beatbot has established itself as a leader in the pool cleaning industry. The AquaSense series, and particularly the Pro model, represents the pinnacle of their technological advancements, offering a unique combination of efficiency and convenience for pool owners.

beatbot AquaSense Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Vacuum Charging

What It Does

The AquaSense Pro is designed to make pool cleaning effortless and efficient. It's a cordless robotic vacuum cleaner that autonomously cleans the floor, walls, and waterline of your pool. With the help of AI, it ensures thorough cleaning by selecting the most effective route.

beatbot AquaSense Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Vacuum

Unique Features

  Cordless Design: Offers the ultimate convenience with a cordless charging dock, eliminating the need for plug-in operations.

  Advanced Motor System: Provides powerful suction and scrubbing with up to 5500 GPH of suction power and four independent roller brushes.

  Eco-Friendly: Features an eco-friendly submarine propulsion design for superior cleaning efficiency.

  Safety Certifications: Comes with 15 certifications, including ETL, CEC, and IP68, ensuring extreme safety and reliability.

  Smart Technology: Equipped with nine motors, 20 sensors, and onboard AI for comprehensive cleaning.



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