Nobi Ceiling Lamp

Nobi Ceiling is a smart lamp that use  optical care sensors and AI to detect and prevent falling for the elderly.

As a smart lamp, Nobi Ceiling is known for its AI-powered features such as the detection and prevention of falling. It uses optical care sensors and artificial intelligence to ensure anything that happens to older adults can be detected and dealt with properly.With this lamp, the elderly can live independently by themselves.

Nobi lamp in the living room

You can have the Nobi lamp installed for a monthly fee of $119, which covers the lamp itself. You can also buy it for $2,499 with a $19 monthly fee. Prices may change depending on your house size and how many lamps you need. For the latest prices, visit Nobi's website or ask their sellers.

The product (Nobi Ceiling Lamp) starts at 2499 USD.