Motion Pillow

Motion Pillow improves sleep quality by alleviating snoring with an AI-powered system that learns patterns and adjusts head position by inflating airbags.

The Motion Pillow is a smart product designed to improve sleep quality by alleviating snoring without disturbing sleep. It was also a winner at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards.

The pillow features a patented Sleep Pressure Monitoring System (SPMS), with the airbags that will inflate to gently turn the user's head when snoring is detected.

The pillow’ll learn the user's snoring pattern with the help of deep learning technology and the collected data. The more the pillow is used, the better the AI-powered pillow functions.

To meet health and environmental standards, the pillow is made of high-density memory foam and is CertiPUR-US certified. 

Motion Pillow App Snapshot

The Motion Pillow can be controlled by using the Motion Pillow App, which provides data on your snoring patterns. The app allows you to adjust settings, record sleep time, analyze snoring time and airbag operation time to show the Good Sleep Score, as well as record the user's snoring sounds.

The product (Motion Pillow) starts at 699 USD.