Oclean X toothbrush

Oclean’s AI toothbrush helps with your oral care, offering smart modes, voice guide, touch control, Maglev tech, and up to 40-day battery.

The toothbrushes from Oclean helps enhance your oral care routine with AI technology. Here's a summary of their features:

  Instant Feedback : Provides instant feedback on missed areas during brushing, ensuring a thorough clean.

  Cleaning Modes: Offers multiple modes for different oral care needs, from gentle to powerful cleaning

  AI Voice Guide: Assists you with voice commands for an interactive brushing experience

  Touchscreen: Delivers instant feedback and allows you to control settings directly on the toothbrush

  Cleaning with Maglev 3.0: Ensures consistent power and a deep clean

  Brush Head: Adapts to the shape of your teeth for effective cleaning

  Starlight Design: Keeps the toothbrush hygienic and visually appealing

  Battery Life: Up to 40 days of use on a single charge

oclean bath ai toothbrush demo

You can find more details and purchase options on the Oclean Europe Store.

The product (Oclean X toothbrush) starts at 50 USD.