Perfecta grill

Seergrills' Perfecta Grill: World's 1st AI grill, cooks steak in 90s, energy-efficient, versatile, easy & safe.

British startup Seergrills developed the Perfecta Grill, which is touted as the world's first AI-powered grill. It uses AI to cook the perfect steaks and other meat in 90 seconds.

Perfecta grill cooking meat

This innovative product promises to revolutionize grilling by using AI technology to deliver chef-level results with minimal effort. Here are some key features of the Perfecta Grill:

•  AI-Powered Cooking: The grill uses artificial intelligence to ensure precise doneness and sear levels, aiming to produce the juiciest and most succulent food possible.

•  Rapid Cooking: It can cook food up to 10 times faster than conventional methods, with the ability to cook a steak in as little as 90 seconds.

•  Energy Efficiency: The grill is designed to be up to 50% more energy-efficient than other cooking methods.

•  Versatility: It offers multiple cooking modes and can handle over 50 different types of food, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

•  Ease of Use: With temperature and thickness sensing, the grill automates the cooking process, allowing for a hands-off experience.

•  Health Benefits: The precision of the grill's cooking process helps to eliminate health risks associated with under or overcooking food.

The product (Perfecta grill) starts at 3499 USD.